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International Spy Museum


So I did another Photo Peach, this time on the International Spy Museum in Washington D.C. Check it out!

International Spy Museum on PhotoPeach

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More Fun facts


So here I am, still board (this is what I get for doing my work quickly), so I looked up these fun facts from

The longest momopoly game in a bathtup lasted 99 hours!

The can opener was invested 48 years after the invention of the can.

You can’t tickle yourself.                                Fasle teeth are minutely radioactive.

If you put two straws in your mouth, one inside a drink and one outside it, you won’t be able to drink through either straw.

In 2011, Mortal Kombat was banned in Australia.                                           You can’t plow a cotton field with a elephant in North Carolina.

It’s illegal to drink beer out of a bucket while sitting on a curb in St. Louis!                     In Georga, US, donkeys can’t be kept in bathtubs.


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Pintrest and Instagram


So I got a Instagram 2 days ago and a pintrest a while ago, and I wanted to share my accounts with you! So if you have an Instagram follow me! Im surfer_1231. Also if you have a Pintrest follow me! Im Maegan B. I you follow me I follow you, so I hope to see you on either one soon!

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My Surgery


So recently (Jan. 31) I had my surgery. Basicly I had little metal plates placed underneth my gum tissue. I don’t really remember anything (they knocked me out) but I do know that when I went home I fell asleep for about 2 hours. When I woke up, my cheeks were so swolen I looked like a chipmunk! My cousins sent me flowers, along with my grandma and best friend. They were so pretty! So anyway I an feeling a lot better and I can’t wait unil my plates come out in 6 to 10 months! D:

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Rock Cycle Photo Peach


So I had this assignment from my science teacher to make a video to teach the class about a topic. I was given the rock cycle, and I finished my photo peach about a month ahead of scedual. Well, here it is!

 The Rock Cycle on PhotoPeach

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The Ship Breaker


For Christmas I got this book called The Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi.  It’s about this guy called Nailer. He and his friends are ship breakers, which means that they strip wreaked ships to get a little bit of money. Nailer’s biggest problem is to make quota. That is, until a hurricane blows in. After about 3 days of storm, Nailer finds a newly wreaked ship. On board there is enough gold and silver to last lifetimes, and Nailer is one rich boy, until he finds the ship’s lone survivor, a beautiful and rich girl who could take him to a better life. Nailer now faces a big choice: help the girl or strip the ship for all it’s worth. This is a really good book, you have to read it!

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Key West


So for Christmas my family and I went to Key West for Christmas! It was so much fun! We watched the sunset, visited tourists sites, went fishing and had Christmas under a palm tree! It was so warm there, like 80 degrees (F) all the time! There were roosters everywhere, I think they live there wild. Anyway, I loved it and I am packed for next year!

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Winter Holiday


Christmas is almost here! I love December. Christmas and my birthday are this month! Are you going anywhere for Christmas? I am going to Key West in Florida, so I will not be expecting any snow! I am really excited, I am going with some friends that I haven’t seen in a while. After Christmas is my birthday, December 31, and I will be in North Carolina. So a lot of traveling for me! In my opinion, traveling is one of the best parts of the trip. I love planes and trains, to me they are just so much fun! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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New Hamster


So I am guessing you all remember my sister’s pet hamster, squeekers. Well, he is no longer with us. So the other day she got a new hamster named Cinnamon. He is really cute and has ears the look like Dumbo’s. He is a cinnamon brown and kinda small. He also happens to LOVE the wheel in the cage. Good luck trying to get him off of it! I can hear him squeeking on it now. So we had a funeral for Squeekers, speech and all. May his little soul rest in peace. So did anyone else out there get a new pet?

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So where I am there is a hurricane coming. Don’t know the name. My mom said it would be a tropical storm by the time it hit us, if it hit us at all, and it would only be the edges. At school I found out that we will most likely be near the eye of the storm, and if it shifts slightly off the path we will get lots of wind and rain (and a closed school!) My mom is such a sugar-coater. I really hope school ends up being closed because I have 3 tests to make up! (I was at the dentist, see previous post.) This time don’t cross your fingers. We can learn from our mistake with the snow. Crossing your fingers is bad luck!

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